Case was one of the best console cowboys, before his ability was violently taken from him.
Now, he has one last chance to regain access to the Matrix if he can help his mysterious employer.
But what Case uncovers is more than he bargained for...

This series was my final project for a Main Title Design course I took under the mentorship of Ash Thorp. With Ash's guidance, I learned the core principles of thoughtful title design, and applied these learned concepts. Among the most notable strategies Ash taught throughout the class was mind mapping, which allowed me to ground many high level concepts I had. I wanted to capture the grittiness of Neuromancer and pay homage to the origin of cyberpunk. Neuromancer was my first choice, being a long time William Gibson fan. I wanted to push my creative limits, as this book has not yet been adapted to film, whilst exploring advanced design. I tried to highlight Case's self-destructive tendencies, his drug abuse being amongst the most pervasive. Secondary characters included Dixie Flatline, who was an integral part in helping Case in his final mission, depicted here as a stylized microchip. I also wanted to capture the ruthlessness and elusive nature of the artificially intelligent Wintermute. In the future, I would like to add Molly Millions and Armitage into the sequence.