May 2015.
This was an motion submission to an art show in which effects were randomly applied to post-processed images, resulting in a piece whose look was constantly changing. The frames were procedurally animated in real-time using GLSL, and the aesthetic was drawn from techno-horror consisting of glitch and distortions.

Stereoscopic Cubemap Renderer

Stereo Cubemap Stereo Cubemap Stereo Cubemap Stereo Cubemap Stereo Cubemap Stereo Cubemap Stereo Cubemap

July 2014.
In order to reinforce 3D and VR rendering concepts, I created my own stereoscopic cubemap with a collection of test images. The project goal was explore next wave media usages for VR. The project originally targeted real world cubemaps, but to simplify the process, rendered scenes were used to have better control over the variables.

VR Frame


August 2014.
VRFrame is an experiment to retrofit web pages for VR. In order for VR to increase in popularity, it needs to interface seamlessly with its 2D display ancestors. In this first experiment there are two frames put next to each other using JS events across pages.

WebGL experiments

OBJ model loader, July 2014.

Model Reconstruction

3D model reconstruction from 2D images. Senior Project, 2010.
Language: MATLAB
An application that takes images and reconstructs a cloud of points in 3D using computer vision algorithms. The point cloud is then made into a 3D object which enables the user to place the object into their virtual environment. For demonstration purposes, the 3D objects that my application produces were placed into Google Earth.

Project Rockstar

Digital interface for guitars, 2009.
Using an interface between the computer's audio line in and the guitar, I devised a program to figure out which note the guitar played. I was able to do this by sampling the guitar at certain intervals then performing a FFT on the data and was able to predict the current note playing in real time. I used this as a basis for a game, where the user plays the notes given by the computer and the computer scores the user points based on performance. Additional gaming components and 3D graphics are currently being implemented.

Telnet Primer

Telnet Primer

An introduction to Telnet with pseudocode, 2009.

Eclipse Themes

Eclipse Themes

Manually change Eclipse colors, 2009.

Wii Drum

Computational Structures in Computer Graphics, 2008.
Languages: C++ (OpenGL)
Drum game where user had to swing the Wiimote at specific time to hit the drum or snare depending how the Wiimote was swung. I created a new concept in gaming yet to be seen in commercial markets.